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St. Antony’s Shrine, Kaloor


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The name St. Anthony of Padua is very much popular with the devotees. St. Anthony of Padua was a saint who lived in Italy in the middle ages (1195-1231) and led the people to true faith. Though he was a Portuguese by birth, he became famous for his great miraculous deeds and powerful sermons in the Italian town of Padua and hence the name St. Anthony of Padua.Just like the name Padua got associated with the Saint Anthony who lived there and motivated the people there to turn to God,Kaloor too became synonymous with

St. Anthony and his wonder works. It is now believed to be the greatest pilgrim centre of St. Anthony in Asia.The present shrine, which covers a wide area consisting of the church, rectory, Adoration chapel, Antonian Bible College etc. had its beginnings as a small shrine dedicated to St. Antony which belonged to the parish of St. Francis Xavier Kaloor, Kathrikkadavu. The shrine saw astounding growth during its almost a century old history. Please see the below timeline of History.