Candle Offering

The lighting of the candles in front of the shrine is the most famous devotion in the shrine. People believe that whoever prays with the lighted candle in their hand will be blessed by St. Antony

Garland Offering

Garlanding is a famous spiritual activity of the shrine. But it has a social cause. The money we get for the garlanding is used for the marriage help to the poor girls.

Rice Offering for Nercha Kanji

Gruel made of rice is served to the devotees every Tuesday from 7 am on the morning till 2pm.  Most of the devotees have an ardent belief that blessed gruel can heal them from all the diseases. Devotees offer the rice for gruel to fulfill their intentions.

Offerings for Malar

Malar is a food made of Rice. Malar offering is the favorite devotion to the people especially to the children. Malar is given everyday to the devotees and it is considered to be an instrument of many miraculous cures from diseases.